Hi Beautiful!

I'm Kelley, owner of The Boudoir Belle in Birmingham, Alabama.

Boudoir runs through my heart and soul. I have a passion for boudoir photography. For helping women discover their worth. For me, boudoir is loving yourself, and accepting your imperfections and all that comes with being a woman. It's about celebrating being unique... Being YOU.  As a woman who is also guilty of self-criticism, I can relate to the everyday struggle and pressure to be something unrealistic. The truth is you are perfect just as you are, you have earned your scars, and there is not one single person out there like YOU. You are just as you are meant to be and you are enough... it's my job to show you that.

I believe that boudoir is all about overcoming all of the negative things that you have been telling yourself when you look in the mirror. It's forgetting all of the things that society tells us every day. It is about embracing your femininity, your sensuality and your sexuality. I want you to leave my studio with a new found love and appreciation for your body. Loving who you ARE today and every day. Breaking down your walls and bringing out that vulnerable side to truly find yourself as a woman and to EMBRACE it. Boudoir is truly life changing, and it is my mission to do just that... change your life and your outlook on yourself. I want you to see yourself how I see you. 

My business is so very important to me. I honestly feel that helping women feel beautiful is what I was put on this earth to do. Seeing a woman's confidence transform in front of me is the best feeling. I absolutely ADORE my job! It's hard for me to refer to is as such. I have so much fun living out my dream. I feel very blessed and I'm so happy to get to share this journey with you.