"They are just as much for me as they are for him..."


Miss C is a 25 year old, recently married, ER Nurse. She came into the studio with her main objective being a gift for her soon to be husband. Her outlook changed quickly. This is what she had to say... 

"Since the day I came across Kelley's pictures online I was obsessed! I knew I had to do them but I wasn't engaged. And at the time, I didn't know women did this sort of thing for themselves. I always thought you took them as a gift for your future husband. But after my shoot I realized that these images are JUST as much for ME as they are for him... maybe even a little more for me! 

I wasn't that nervous until the day I was driving to the studio. But the one glass of wine that they provided took that right away! As soon as Kelley walked in, and I saw how cool and calm she was, I felt like we had been best friends my entire life! The experience was more amazing than I could have ever expected.

My favorite part was seeing the first sneak peek Kelley posted to Facebook... I couldn't believe how hot I looked! And when I saw the rest of my images... IN LOVE! There was not a single picture that I didn't like! To any woman interested in doing your own boudoir experience with Kelley, don't stress so much over your outfit choice. I searched for months for the perfect lingerie. I could have been wearing a paper sack and Kelley still would have made me pose sexy and my pictures would have still been amazing! 

My outlook on my own beauty changed as a result of my boudoir experience. I've struggled with my weight my entire life. Now that I am at my healthiest weight ever, I have still had trouble seeing myself any different. I weighed myself daily and I saw the number that I have always wanted to see. But looking in the mirror I saw the same girl I have always seen in the past. Since my experience with Kelley I have seen a whole new me! I am now realizing that all that hard work I put in to get here has paid off and I'm not who I used to be. I'm so thankful for that! I love my new body even the little imperfections. Working with The Boudoir Belle team was amazing! Thank you so much Kelley and Lauren for this life changing experience!"