When Tara emailed me to book her boudoir experience, and explained to me that she was a quadriplegic, I was immediately humbled and honored that she had chosen me, scared that I would not be able to do her beauty justice, and nervous to meet her.

She came into my studio with a huge smile and made us all laugh with her sarcastic and funny personality. We clicked immediately!

During her shoot her care giver and I positioned her into all of the poses. Tara was a trooper at holding these poses… She is one strong woman! She made my job easy and we had so much fun exploring different poses with her sporty wheelchair.

As I got home and loaded up the images, I was over taken with emotion and broke into tears. I was so incredibly moved by the beauty and power displayed in her images. The things we take for granted on a day to day basis…. this is the type of experience that puts life in perspective for you. I couldn’t have been more humbled to meet Tara and be a part of her experience. This beautiful soul has made an impression on my heart forever. And I will never forget her!

Watch Tara’s story here: WILL TO WALK

“Since becoming confined to a wheelchair and facing the social stigmas that come along with it, I have found myself fighting to set myself apart from those stigmas, and I wanted to bring others along with me.

Before my spinal cord injury in 2005, I had always been a very confident and outgoing girl, who was ready to take on the world. But ever since, I have had to fight to be that girl. Losing the ability to do most things for yourself can be quite a check in your ego. The way your body changes when it begins to atrophy after paralysis, causes you to see a completely different person when you look into the mirror.

But… I continued fighting.

Last fall I had the opportunity of a lifetime. I had a boudoir photo shoot with the incredible Kelley Stafford of The Boudoir Belle.


I had worked so very hard to be this strong, sexy, beautiful woman, but didn’t necessarily visualize it until I worked with Kelley. She was able to capture moments, angles, and sides of me that I didn’t realize existed.

I continually hope that these photos will inspire women, especially those with disabilities, to believe that we all have something incredibly beautiful to be proud of. And I can guarantee that Kelley will capture that.”