Many clients book their session with a certain gift in mind for someone special to them. They either book as their wedding gift for their soon to be husband, or to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or holiday and the list could go on. We LOVE that! We love being able to play a small part in celebrating your marriage or your 20th wedding anniversary! At the same time, we also want all of you women to know that we want this to be more so about YOU, rather than just being a gift to someone else. You would be surprised the amount of our clients that have this experience solely for themselves. And those that come in with a gift in mind, ALWAYS leave saying they knew it was more for THEM. We want you to know that it is completely ok for this to be a gift to YOU simply because you DESERVE it. It is not selfish to take time for yourself. It is a necessity in life. We want every single one of you to walk away from our studio feeling incredibly empowered!

As women, we struggle day in and day out with so many things. We carry the weight and are the backbone to many areas in our lives. Mom's out there, you give your undivided attention and every ounce of energy to your children and your family as a whole. Single ladies, you are constantly trying out the newest beauty fad or styling fad to make you feel prettier or to help you stand out or working hard to excel in your job. We are tough on ourselves as females. We need to take a moment every now and then to step back from the craziness of life, the negative thoughts towards ourselves and try to see ourselves from someone else's perspective. 

We guarantee you that a boudoir experience with us will change every aspect of how you see yourself. It truly is a life changing experience. Something that you will carry with you forever. It's not just a photo shoot... it's an experience. Give us the opportunity to show you how we see you.


Email us today to book your life changing day with us: hello@theboudoirbelle.net

Kelley Stafford