Lingerie We L O V E


Hello Gorgeous!

Shopping for lingerie can be extremely intimidating, especially when we do most of it online. Of course that amazingly stunning 6'0 model rocks every single piece of lingerie on the website! She was the specific body that the piece was made for, and sadly enough that is what today's "standards" has led us to believe that is what we should look like. That definitely means that I won't be able to rock that same look, right? 

This couldn't be further from the truth! Let me show you some of our all time favorite pieces of lingerie that our clients totally OWN! 

For Love & Lemons is known for their intricate detail and we ADORE them for that. We are detailed ladies here, so we can appreciate something that is just so breathtakingly beautiful and detailed.

Sometimes details can over power the person wearing the lingerie. But with the lovely Miss B wearing these pieces from For Love & Lemons, that is far from the case. She looks so stunning in them! OWN it girl! Don't be afraid of details, sometimes they can be the icing on the cake! 

We believe all things strappy are so sexy! They add another dimension to the images and add that extra spice that we are always on the hunt for!  Lovely Miss B looks SMOKIN' Hot in this oh so strappy harness! 

Confession Time: We L O V E a good tushie! There are certain pieces of lingerie that can really really accentuate the derriere ;)  Miss C works so hard on her health and fitness and this piece really showed off all of her hard work! At her image reveal, she joked saying "Man! Glad I did all those squats! They are worth it now!"

Great shape wear is not the first thing you think of when shopping for your boudoir shoot. However, high wasted shape wear can be really sexy while also slimming your midsection. And who doesn't love that?! Shape wear is always a fantastic option when you are trying to cover areas that aren't necessarily your favorite. Here you can see Miss D wearing a high waisted shaper panty that is making her curves look banging! We are also super obsessed with shaper skirts. Pair it with your favorite bra and you are good to go. Throw in a body harness for an even sexier look!

Many clients don't realize that covering with a blanket or white sheet does count as a wardrobe change. Some clients are nervous or shy about being completely nude, so covering with either of those options is a great way to seem a little playful or alluring. Although some clients are usually unsure about this option, during their images reveals they usually turn out to be some of their favorites. So sweet and sexy!! 

We love working one on one with our clients to help them find the BEST options possible for their body and the parts of their body that they love. We take our time helping you with wardrobe be we want your day with us to be life changing. We strive for our clients to feel the BEST that they have ever felt in their entire lives while they are with us!